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Wednesday Words – Nutrition

Posted on 09-21-2016 by sciencepark in Wednesday Words

Nutrition: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar” This is one of the best, easiest and universal approaches to nutrition I have found during my time in the world of health and fitness. Almost everything you have a question on can be related back to this short phrase. When […]

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Transformation Tuesday – Jeff

Posted on 08-09-2016 by sciencepark in CFM

Jeff Perinetti- I had heard a lot about CrossFit from a bunch of friends who were members, and they told me about the benefits of joining. I was stuck in a stagnant routine and wasn’t getting the motivation I needed from my everyday gym experience. The first class at CrossFit Science Park was a real […]

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Transformation Tuesday- Alanna

Posted on 08-02-2016 by sciencepark in Transformation Tuesday

Alanna Shrader “I’ve tried virtually every type of exercise over the past 40 years.  Running, aerobics, hot yoga, biking, rowing, machine weights – everything. Nothing compares to CrossFit in terms of (1) sustaining my interest; and (2) how great I feel afterwards. And it’s not just for young people – I started just before my […]

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