If you didn’t have a why before….now you do!

Posted on 03-16-2020 by KJ in CFM

When we first started doing CrossFit back in 2009 one of the best responses I ever heard to the question of “why” was (and excuse the language) “Life Motherfucker.” That is truth!!

We all have our WHY’s. We all have our motivations. But it is times like these when we can really appreciate our WHY. We aren’t sure over the next few days, weeks, even hours what is going to happen in regards to Coronavirus and all of its trickle down effects. But what you do know is that you are better prepared because you are stronger and healthier than maybe the person standing next to you in the store. You do know that you will be able to be a helper and not a hinder. Inevitably in life there is going to be sickness and obstacles in our way. The more prepared you can be for all of life’s hiccups the better off you will be. You have given yourself a fighting chance and that’s all that you can do.

I used to laugh at my grandpas stockpile of canned goods in his basement. Rows of canned goods and non perishables, organized alphabetically and ready to go. He had lived through the Great Depression. His response was that he was going to be as prepared going forward as could be and never feel that feeling of helplessness again. I one time decided to play “store”…… soooo NOT a good idea!! lol….

Thank you for helping in keeping our gym and community safe.

We also will be ramping our disinfecting protocol. We will be bleaching all door handles, bathrooms, and equipment throughout the day. We ask for your help with this also. Make sure to wipe everything down. Please wash your hands upon entering the facilty. And as always, if you don’t feel well stay home and rest up.

New Hours of Operation for the weeks of 3/16-2/29—–5:30am and the 6:30pm are cancelled. All other classes are, as of now, up and running. The plan is to keep our doors open until if and when we are mandated to close.

Stay healthy and keep strong, keep close to family…..this too shall pass, and as a community we will survive and get through it by doing our part.

In health…