BoxRox- Gregg Glassman

Posted on 02-20-2020 by KJ in CFM

Glassman’s rule: Intensity and results are directly proportional. He says this isn’t masochism for masochism’s sake. “It’s physics.” His equation: You’re fitter when you can do equal or more work faster. Known for his sometimes direct and frank and sometimes hard to hear comments. He has taken on the fitness industry by storm. He is now taking on the healthcare system. He has also decided to put CrossFit back somewhat to its grass roots. It has always been about fitness and health. The Competition aspect of CrossFit was always a byproduct not the focus. Not sure you could complain but he is unapologetic when it comes to his vision and purpose. His method works….we are all proof. He is rough around the edges and looks more like a typical CrossFitter than the brand has portrayed over the years. Click on the link below to learn a little bit more about the founder and CEO of one of the greatest fitness revolutions of our lifetime. His quotes are direct and say a lot about him and his motivation, methods, and manner!