Posted on 02-10-2020 by KJ in CFM

How many of you journal?

Journaling is important for a couple reasons. especially if you are looking to improve your overall fitness and performance in the gym. Journaling outside the gym also has many benefits.

Many of our members and clients come to us because they want to make physical changes. A mental change is just as important. Journaling is just one way to help both of those processes.

We work a lot off percentages in the gym. For example Fridays bench was at 85%. If you had to guess what weight you should have been at, I would make a safe bet you wouldn’t lift what you were RX’d to do, or potentially capable of. We journal so we can see exactly what we did last time. There is no guessing. We trust the process and see the results.

Journaling is also a great motivator. Not everyday is going to be a win. You aren’t going to PR every time you walk through the door. There have been plenty of days I have literally cried during a work out. Days when todays 100% was yesterdays 50%….BUT look at how far you have come. If your journaling….. go back to day 1! See what your doing now that you couldn’t do then. Start journaling today, and in a month you will see progress. Progress is a goal for everyone.

I have a couple “journals” each day that I do.

I start each day off with writing: Three things I am thankful for. How I am going to choose my day to be. I choose to take 1 hour for myself. I choose peace. I choose calm. etc.. I write two or three affirmations. For example, I am strong. I am______. And finally one or two goals for the day…. usually one personal and one professional. That’s how I start my everyday! I also journal my workout, food, and feelings. This gives me a great picture of my physical as well as mental health. Things I need to work on, things I have under control and the progress I have made!!

Embrace your journey.