Posted on 01-29-2020 by KJ in CFM

I know breathing is something we don’t normally have to think about, thankfully, its an automatic something our body does. BUT during a WOD and while lifting heavy there are certain “ways” to breath that will help or hinder your best performance.

Holding your breath during a Crossfit wod (which many people do) causes blood pressure to rise, increases the heart-rate and reduces venous return (how quickly blood is pumped back to the heart). All of which are things you should be trying to avoid when seeking to maximize your power output and have the best performance possible.

The main breathing principles are:

  1. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.
  2. Breathing leads physical movement.
  3. Breathe with the frequency demanded by the given activity in the given moment, not more and no less.
  4. Do not hold your breath, no matter what you are doing, with the exception of special breath holding practice. (during heavy lifting-80-100%)
  5. Develop the ability to perform an action on an inhalation and on an exhalation, regardless of the intensity of the effort and the position of the body.
  6. The skill to remain relaxed while breathing.

If you use these principles you will be able to reach great results in physical exercises, increase your endurance, speed up the processes of restoration and become healthier.

Next time you are at CFSP WODING…try to take note of your breathing.