CFSP Happenings!

Posted on 05-21-2018 by KJ in CFM

Congratulation to all of our graduates today!! Good luck in all you do!

You have a lot of blank pages in your book… make the most of your story!! Come back to visit and will miss you!!



We went to the Northeast/Canada CrossFit regionals this past weekend.¬† Its a long few days but lots of fun! You become emotionally vested in the athletes competing and really get to see what the CF community is all about! Like any competition there is a roller coaster of emotion that you can just feel, even as a spectator. There is an energy of competition. You can feel how nervous, happy, sad, excited all the athletes¬† are. For some it ended better than expected and for others, one mis-step or no rep put them in a position of now playing catch up. There are victors and non victors, but every single athlete on the floor is a winner!! Putting yourself out there for the world to see is a very vulnerable situation to be in. As a spectator, in love with the sport, thank you to all the athletes that competed this weekend.¬† As we were driving home, my 13 year old says… that was very inspirational mom. I can’t ask for any more than that!


We are starting a new 6 week challenge for new members if you know anyone that would like to join the group, please pass along my information and I can get them registered!!

Schedule for next weekend: regular class schedule except for Monday (Memorial Day 5/28), we will only be having one class at 10:00am. Come join us for “Murph”.


Have a great week!!

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