Loyalty Program

Posted on 05-09-2018 by KJ in CFM

CFSP is going to be starting a new program!! Our Loyalty program will be easy and fun for everyone. We are still implementing our referral program so don’t worry.. if you refer someone that joins you will still get $25, but now you will get points too!!

There will be certain things that will be assigned points, at the end of each¬† month we will add everyone’s points up and the most points will get a prize. Points will be easy to get!¬† Here is the list: We reserve the right to add to it!!

  1. Coming to class- 1 point
  2. Mini challenges- (separate blog coming)- 5 points
  3. Referral- Try a class -5 points
  4. Referral – Joins 10 points
  5. Clinics- 10 points