To the 2018 Newbie

Posted on 04-10-2018 by KJ in CFM


October will be my 10 year CrossFit anniversary! I remember my on ramp like it was yesterday. I remember the “deer in the headlight”  look everyone in my on ramp had as we walked in for our first class. I remember being excited and ready to throw up all at the same time. I remember being hooked for life after that first official work out. Its not always easy or fun. You will have good days and bad days. I specifically remember one of my first WODS had a 800 meter run in it. I was not a runner but gave it my best shot. Started out ok… then got passed.. and passed by a few more.. and soon I was all alone, and crying as I was running back to the gym. There was someone running at me so I wipe my tears, try and put my big girl pants on and keep going, one foot in front of the other right. He stops when he gets to me and turns to start running with me. I kind of looked at him funny. He started chatting. I just wanted to die and couldn’t talk, but I didn’t stop “running” either. So we get back inside and now I am crying because I thought I couldn’t, but I did, and someone actually cared enough to make sure I did.  I asked him why he came back out… his response was that he saw I was struggling and at that moment, he felt me finishing my run was more important than his work out. Community, family…. the other reason we love this!!

Being a new CrossFitter in 2018 is very different from when we started, but there are certain things that remain the same. As a brand CrossFit has exploded, so have any related companies, Reebok, Rogue, Concept II. They were giving free stuff out like it was water back in the day. Coming to all of our events, sponsoring everyone… now not so much. The “Games” started out as a throwdown on Gregg Glassman’s (founder) ranch in Cali, and the heavy weight for guys was 95 and girls 65!! Affiliate numbers also  exploded, some opening for the right reasons, and some for not! Most boxes were run down, beat up, dirty,  garage style boxes… CFSP is NOT what the original boxes looked like. It has become a HUGE sensation. Google it and you’ll see guys and girls with incredible physiques, throwing tons of weights around. It has become a job for some.  Here is what has stayed the same. A good box has a great programmer who knows their members.  The workouts are appropriate and the focus is on safety and mechanics. The community is a huge part of the box. You have to have a thriving community which supports each other. The members are the 98%. We are here to work out and get fit. Make our everyday a little better. You have jobs, and kids, and a life outside of CrossFit. We get it.

So as a new 2018 CrossFitter here is some advice:

Leave your ego at the door. Be humble. Listen to your coach. Let him teach you so you can continue to lift and make improvements and carry on in the real world.

Clean up after yourself. Leave your spot, the gym, the shower, better than when you found it.

No one is looking at you! I promise! We are all in our own hell.

I can’t is not in our vocabulary, there is always something you can!

Community is important, cheer eachother on, encourage eachother.

Don’t cheat reps, your only hurting yourself and your not competing against anyone but yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail!!!

Celebrate yourself when you do something you couldn’t do yesterday!! No mater how small you think it is!!

Form is the most important thing!

Always know your why!!

Have fun!

We truly want this to be the best hour of your day!!