CFSP Happenings!!

Posted on 04-09-2018 by KJ in CFM


Happy Monday!!

Yale Student night is this Thursday!! 3-9, free for students, and we will have a table set up, so come on by!

Saturday April 21st we have one of two groups coming in from Qunnipiac. Jenny raffled off a CF session with herself to her students for a fundraiser and had two groups battling it out for the higher bid!! Soooo, we couldn’t say no to a fundraiser… both groups gave up their dollars and will be woding with their  favorite Dean!!


We will also be having the second Holistic clinic, on a women’s health issue, on 4/21 as well. Sharon Lomax from the Now We No campaign will be here. Their mission:

If I had information that could greatly improve or save the life of a person you love, would you listen? Our wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters deserve a choice not just to live, but to live a healthy life. Sadly, for years the tampon and sanitary napkin industry has been taking away this option of a healthy lifestyle, and in some cases created products that resulted in death for many of our beloved women. The FDA does not require manufactures to disclose the materials used to create these products. Many of which are harmful, and in some cases deadly.
The average women will use approximately 11,000 plus sanitary napkins or more in their lifetime, which means our women are unknowingly being slowly poisoned monthly. Tampons are even worse. Tampons actually restrict the natural flow of a women, ultimately resulting in the high incidence of Toxic Shock Syndrome. There are other health related problems, such as a possible increase in the development of tumors and fibroids.
The Now We No movement is an awareness campaign that educates our women and young girls about the harmful affects presented by the most popular sanitary napkin and tampon on the market today. This mission also offers a potential solution, which will cut many of the diseases and health challenges off at the root. Our mission is to bring awareness to the world, and it begins in our community first. Testimonials from women around the world about the Now We No campaign, and it’s solution, confirms the need for this information. Our belief is that once our women”know” better, they can say “NO” to the substandard products they are forced to buy every month.
SAVE THE DATE: Saturday April 28th….. Spring In House Throwdown!!! (Running clinic will be postponed to May 12th)..We wanted to have a fun in house team comp before all of our students leave for the summer!! Throwdown, food, drinks, and fun!!
Saturday May 5th- Clean air run in New Haven… we are setting up a table at this too…. come by and say hello, or take part in the run!! For a great cause!
Saturday May 12th- running clinic
Preorder :
wraps and gymnastic grips till Friday
T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts pre-order  will be out soon… waiting on the proofs..
Both sign ups are at the front desk.
My little(not so little) soccer player, Mia is doing a team fundraiser to help with some of their travel expenses. They will be juggling for the month of April and collecting donations towards their goal! If you feel like sponsoring, the team would greatly appreciate it! You can donate per juggle  (pledge) or flat donation! Her goal is 1000 juggles but I think she will surpass that….lol… she did 200 yesterday alone!! lol.. thanks for your support!!