Friday Recap

Posted on 02-16-2018 by KJ in CFM

Its another week gone by! Time flies when your having fun!!

If you have been seeing a lot of people meeting with me that’s because we are doing a 6 week fitness challenge!! I am excited to be partnering with gymbuilder to bring in some new members and add to our already awesome community. I am interviewing everyone and accepting those people that I believe will be a good fit! There will be 20 people accepted. If you know anyone interested in joining the group, let me know and they can secure a spot!

Joe Perrotti got his first strict pull-up!!!

Rose got three strict pullups which now allows her to learn to kip!!!

Kenneth, Andrea, Darrell, Janin, Jeff M, Natalie, Coach Dan, Anthony, Jon J, Leela, Sameer, Dale,

Jessica F, Joe M, Rose, Lauren and Will…..ALL HIT bench PRs!!!!!

*****let me know if i missed anyone… I will add them!! AWESOME job everyone!!!

Everyone also crushed DT this week….killer effort!!

Thank you to everyone for changing their shoes upon arrival!! We truly appreciate the effort to keeping the floor salt free!!

Have a great weekend!!

Clinic tomorrow at 10:30– Norwex group will be here!!