The Week In Review…

Posted on 02-09-2018 by KJ in CFM


Another great week at CFSP!!! A few warmer days and sunshine thrown in this week which is always promising!!

Renee hit 28 weeks this week and is starting her third trimester of her pregnancy and still rocking out our WODS! CrossFit is safe for both mom and baby if its something you have been doing prior to getting pregnant and with certain modifications for safety!

Kids class is doing awesome! Our CFSP little beasts come to work twice a week and love it! Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm!!

Some personal records hit this am:

Kenneth, Allie, Nia, and Jeff so far…. add your name to the list if you PR too!!

If you have anything awesome you did this week, inside or outside the gym, please let me know!!

Celebrate you!!