“Come on, its the Holidays..”….open letter from a person trying to loose weight

Posted on 12-12-2017 by KJ in CFM


“Live a little”
“You can’t deprive yourself forever”
“You can miss a workout”
“Come on, it’s the holidays”
“It’s only a cookie”
“It’s only…”

If you have said the above to anyone trying to lose weight or make a lifestyle change-stop it!! I know I have said these things and I wished I could go apologize to everyone I said these things to.

I am living. I enjoy working out and seeing what I can do, where I can push myself. I enjoy the energy I have. And I know by doing this I will live a lot.

I’m not depriving myself. Since I changed many of the things I eat, food actually taste better. Truth be told chocolate and I are not friends. And cake and cookies, I can do without. Candy on the other hand….weak spot. 

Yes, it’s the holidays. But I’ve worked hard for the last 9-10 months. I have goals. And I’m sticking to it.

Try to be supportive of your friends and coworkers trying to change their lives. No, we won’t die if we eat a cookie. We just have to do extra burpees to burn it off. Have you done a burpee? Maybe if you did one, you’d understand. 

Love this so much I had to steal and post….. pass it on to your circles!!