Gymnastics Clinic and Social

Posted on 07-20-2017 by KJ in CFM

Gymnastics clinic- Saturday  July 29th at 10:30

We will be holding a one hour gymnastics clinic on Saturday, 7/27 at 10:30. The first half of the session will cover the progressions for the Kipping Swing and how and when to implement it in the workout. Anyone proficient at the Kipping Swing will move on to the Butterfly Swing. The second half will cover all the progressions for Handstand Push Ups. We will discuss hand placement, core positioning and proper mechanics. Anyone proficient at Strict Handstand Push Ups will move on to Kipping Handstand Push Ups. All levels are welcome. 


Meet us at the Bar!!

CrossFit Science Park Social at Bar, New Haven

7/29 6:00pm

Come and hang out with us….Looking forward to a night out with new friends!!