KJ’s Corner…. Inside and Outside The Box

Posted on 07-10-2017 by KJ in CFM

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Morning CFSP!! Ready for a new week!!

This Friday Megan will be here with a table set up and spreading some knowledge about Barbells for Boobs! Its a great organization that she holds dear. One, because she is a breast cancer survivor, and two because she was the person that B4B helps!! The younger, not at risk, patient who had to fight for testing and treatment because her insurance wouldn’t cover it, and her gut was telling her she was right!!We will be having an official fundraiser in October, but if you like to create your own fundraising page or donate now, either is always welcome!


July 29th

Gymnastics (as it pertains to CF ) clinic.. the next in out Performance Series, will be held 10:30am. More information coming but look to learn the progressions,  and what you need to do in order to master some of the gymnastic movements we do.


Social night at Bar New Haven! Come celebrate summer with some drinks and pizza!! Its nice to step out of the gym every once in a while and see each other in real clothes!! Look forward to spending some time with you all and getting to know everyone a little better!! Please let me know if you plan on joining us by 7/27 so I can let Bar know!

Have a great week!!!