KJ’S Corner Inside And Outside The Box

Posted on 06-19-2017 by KJ in CFM

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Welcome to another Monday!!!


Hope all the CFSP dads had a wonderful relaxing Father’s Day!!

LuRong peeps: please get all your final measurements and things in and I will validate!! Great job to everyone who held in there the full 5 weeks!! Its not easy to stay on point the whole time. Even if you didn’t, hopefully you will walk away learning something about yourself and at the the very least be a little more aware of how food as fuel works for you, what your eating, and when, and more importantly, why..

Next up this Saturday is the running clinic. Great for everyone!!! There will be “at the board” instruction as well as practice drills and other exercises that will give you a better understanding of how to run correctly. There is  technique involved that will make running way more efficient for you.

Saturday YOGA! 12:00 noon this Saturday! FREE class!!

July 1st Beauty Counter will be here to continue our Holistic Health series. We pay close attention to working out, and the foods we put in our body, but what about the products we use topically? This is a great all natural product.

Social hour outside CFSP: July TBD… look for more info by the end of the week!! Thinking a night out at Bar or something..any good suggestions.. we would love to hear them!

We are running a great special from now until the end of July for new members. 1 free week of classes. Traditionally most CF affiliates will offer a free class. We have done that and friends and family are always welcome to try out a class. But we feel to really get a good sense of our awesome community and our programming, you really need more than 1 class to get a good feel.


July 14th we will be having a Barbells for Boobs day… Coach Megan will be here to tall you about the organization, Knowledge is power! The WOD that day will reflect B4b. Look for more information. Our offiical fundraising event will be held in October but we can fundraise all year. You can donate directly to our page or set up your own page as part of our team!!

Have a great week!!