Posted on 06-16-2017 by KJ in CFM


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CFSP member Dawn and her graduate!!!

As I scroll through facebook I see all these beautiful pictures of graduates in their caps and gowns. Graduates smiling and full of excitement! Moms and dads  smiling too,  I know its a bitter sweet moment. This week  I also got two memories from 8 years ago from one of my girl’s gymnastic shows. I cried!!

The days seem so long, but the years, they are go so fast!! It takes my breathe away. I pray for time to slow down, but it just keeps ticking.

I guess this is a good time to be reminded about staying present in the moment. Appreciating  each day as they come. Doing a little bit every day to work toward whatever goals your have!! It will be a very quick minute, and a month will have past, then 3, then 6, then a year has gone by. And in a year from now, like so many of my years past, you don’t want to be there saying “I wish I had done more”,  I wish I had put more effort or attention into ______________.

So enjoy the nice weather, your friends and family, make great memories, and be present in the everyday! Make each day matter! And when the days seem long…. consider yourself blessed for the perception of a little extra time.