How In Tune Are You?

Posted on 06-02-2017 by KJ in CFM

Beautiful weather outside today!! Go outside and enjoy it!!



Not the neatest but a random page form my journal..some days have more detail than others..

When it comes to evaluating your progress how in tune are you to your body and brain??

There are certain questions you should ask yourself before you come to the gym. I’d even go one step further and say to include these in your journal! (if you don’t journal.. start!!!!) I track : food, WOD, and feelings in mine.. on one page, pretty much everyday..

How well did I sleep? How sore am I? How excited am I to train today? How am I feeling overall?

We can’t give 100% everyday into our work outs.. no one can. There are days when we go all out, and feel great!! There are also days when just walking through the door is a struggle! We have all had both !!

If your body is feeling tired and sore, listen to it, adjust and move on. Don’t feel guilty or upset!! Your best today may not be your best tomorrow and may be better than yesterday!

Knowing the answers and being open to accepting what your answers are will help you ultimately reach your goals!

You may also start to see patterns in your diet, feelings, and performance that you didn’t know were there.

For instance,  I tend to get really tired the  first couple days of my period..(TMI?)  anyway.. I know these are not going to be my best workouts so I try and do more before and just get through during. I plan for this because its a pattern.

Be realistic and honest with yourself!! Get in tune with yourself and work out accordingly!!


Have a good WOD!!