Monday Madness

Posted on 03-20-2017 by KJ in blog



This Saturday at 12:00 noon Coach Dan will be doing a Clean Up Your Clean clinic at CFSP!!

EVERYONE can use a little help on this movement. Concentrated evaluation, cues and practice will help you be more efficient. This is the third and final of the Performance clinics we are doing in this cycle. We will be doing more over the summer and  then again in the fall. 

Next Holistic Series event is going to be Saturday  April 22 at 10:15 with Amanda Zaptaka and Young Living Essential Oils.


New Class Announcement:

Kids classes will be starting at CFSP … Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. Each class will be one hour long and will run month to month. The cost of this program will be $60 per child per month. Free Trial class Thursday March 30th and the program will start Tuesday April 4th. This is a a class that will be developmentally appropriate for younger kids. They will be doing  a lot of body weight exercises with the emphasis on building a good core,  correct posture, pushing,  pulling,  jumping,  skipping, and running!! They will be doing age and developmentally appropriate weight bearing exercises as well. If they play any other sports this class will only make them bigger, faster and stronger!! We have seen a tremendous difference in our own kids. Level of play, confidence, and just feeling strong and good about themselves are all side effects of a program like we will develop.  These are things that cant be bought or quickly attained, they are cultivated and nurtured, and this is a great environment in which to do that!!

Coach Dan  was instrumental in the development of the kids program over at CFM for the past 7 years. The kids program started with a small group of kids and was developed because of our two kids and some of the other coaches kids  wanted to do CrossFit too! The program eventually  grew into a kids and tweens program with some of his tweens/teens now transitioning into adult classes.  Their form is meticulous,( better than some adults).. and they have created their own little sub community. This is what we hope to create here at CrosssFit Science Park as well!!

Open to any child  6 years old or older. Please come check out the new class on Thursday!

Teens class will be starting soon as well!! Look for more information.