Posted on 02-22-2017 by KJ in blog


Definition of progress . : movement forward or toward a place. : the process of improving or developing something over a period of time.


In the short month Dan and I have been here at our new home away from home we have already seen amazing progress and results!! When we got here no one really had double unders, the other day in class, two of the class got them for the first time!!! I have seen technique improve, weights go up and times go down! Every person who has walked through the door puts their all into every hour they are here, welcomes coaching, and strives to be better,  and we thank you for that!! We even have a few of you signed up to do the open officially!!!! You make it fun to be here and to coach!! Our community is building and growing and we are so excited to share our love of what we do to everyone that walks through  the door! Thank you with trusting us and the process!!

Progress is progress, no matter how small of a step it is, as long as you keep moving forward, eventually those small steps add up!!

Keep up the great work!!!

You all rock!!