Monday Madness

Posted on 02-13-2017 by KJ in blog


Happy Monday!! 

Yet another crazy morning because of a school delay!! Its tough parenting, working full time, and making time for yourself!! Adulting is hard!! Proud of all of you that made time to get in here last week!! We had our best attended week so far, from what I can see looking back at our class numbers!! 


This Sunday February 19th is our rowing clinic. You will be amazed at what a few tweaks can do for your efficiency. We row a lo,  especially in the winter months. Its is a great movement and there is technique and skill  involved. So make it in this Sunday and get a few quick tweaks on yours. We were lucky to be trained by an Olympic Rower, Sarah Trowbridge who was a part of CFM for a long while. This is the first of our three part Performance clinic series 2017! Please RSVP at the front desk or by emailing me at

March 5th is our Nutrition talk with Amy Plano. She is another great resource that we are so lucky to be affiliated with. She has a very scientific based approach. We will also hear from a  naturalist,  Dr. Jamie. Its nice to have different approaches and ideas in order to see what works best for you! I tend to take a way a little from everyone!!


***Gear order is in..!!

***Bring a friend to class anytime!! Refer a friend and get some cash back in your pocket!! 

***Don’t forget our raffle going  on!!! Check in to CFSP, do some jump ropes, refer a friend!!!!

Win a free month!!!

***We are setting up some other community building activities, so be on the look out for some fun stuff coming up!!


Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!!


Have an awesome week!!!

Kathy and Dan