Transformation Tuesday – Jeff

Posted on 08-09-2016 by sciencepark in CFM

Jeff Perinetti-

I had heard a lot about CrossFit from a bunch of friends who were members, and they told me about the benefits of joining. I was stuck in a stagnant routine and wasn’t getting the motivation I needed from my everyday gym experience. The first class at CrossFit Science Park was a real wake up call, but after finishing the workout I felt a different sense of accomplishment than when I’d finish my regular gym day. Many of the movements in CrossFit are different from the typical routine I was doing so having coaches who were extremely knowledgeable, and also understanding helped my growth. Every day the coaches play an integral part in getting me motivated to push myself to reach my goals and exceed them.

“Jeff came into the gym with a little experience and more comfort than most in the environment. Although he left his ego at the door and was 100% committed to doing what it took to reach his goals. Between being consistent in his workouts and fueling his body properly, not only did he see huge gains in the gym but changes in his body and physique as well!” – Trevor

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