A Note from Coach Jay

Posted on 09-22-2015 by dminter in CFM

joceandkidsFinding joy in the day –

I read something the other day that really hit home with me. The message was about finding joy in the day, and not over stressing the little things that you feel are important but in the grand scheme have very little affect on anything. I know that this is something that everyone knows and hears a million times. However, the one thing that I did differently this time was to look back on my day and apply it on a minute to minute basis with what I was doing and my mood.

I realized that there are parts of my day where I get caught up in little things that I can’t control that often can put me in a mood. Also, I try to control certain things that I probably shouldn’t and then that can off set my day as well.

How often do we feel ourselves in these situations. Too often if we let this happen then we will loose site of the amazing joys of life that are happening right in front of us.

Coaches often get too caught up in the race. The race of programming, preparing, monitoring and we can easily take our eyes off the bigger picture. I think it is very easy for everyone in any profession to get too caught up in the minutiae of the daily grind that we loose focus of our purpose and make the day/things a lot harder then they really are. Or for that matter, a lot worse then they really are.

Reflect on your day, find your true purpose that is rooted in your priorities and re focus on that. I feel that this is just like anything else, where you have to stay aware of it and train it. Just like in the gym and training for your goals. Stay focus and stay aware. Take in the beauty of all that is around and the bigger picture of life. Being able to aline this on a daily basis will lead to more fulfillment, purpose and joy.

Coach Jay
-courtesy of CrossFit Milford