A. Hang Power Sn from the power position + OHSQ + Hang Snatch (7-10 minutes) for this when you catch the first power sn do not reset, just ride it down then reset for the next hang sqt snatch.. work on this complex for 7-10 minutes
**for those who cannot Sn or are not comfortable then sub in bulgarian split squats x 8/side x 3-4 sets
30 sec. sled push
15 sec. rest
30 sec. jump squat
15 sec. rest
30 sec. ball slam
15 sec. rest
30 sec. heavy farmers walk
15 sec. rest
30 sec. AB sprint
1 minute rest
x4-5 rounds

preacher curls x 8-10 x 3
skull crushers x 8-10 x3