Skill and drill -12-15 minutes

~Pic 2-3 skills from each area of weightlifting (clean), power lifting (squat, dead lift, press), or gymnastics (body weight), and work on skills and drills for an area of each that you want to spend more time on.
~If you missed a strength session from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday you can also make that up in this section.


Teams of 2 must complete max total rounds – switching after each exercise
18 minute amrap
28/23 cal row
21 goblet squats, 35/24# **can scale to 55/35#
15 ball slams, 30/20#
9 pull ups

round 1; P1 dos 28 cal row, then P2 does 28 cal row, then P1 does 21 goblet, then P2 does 21 goblet squats, then P1 does 15 ball slams, P2 does 15 ball slams, then P1 does 9 pull ups and P2 does 9 pull ups. The partners will continue in this fashion for 18 minutes….