Group Class Training

Unlimited Membership $175 per month plus CT sales tax

3 Classes per week Membership $155 per month plus CT sales tax

4 Classes per week $165 per month plus CT sales tax

20% discount for CFSP family members

15% off for Yale staff and students Unlimited

10%  off discount for all students outside of Yale

$50 off for any New Haven Police or New Haven Probation Officer

15% off for Winchester Loft Apartments

Ask about our corporate pricing!

OLY class- (Unlimited members only)  Tuesday 5:30pm Thursday 10:00

This one hour class will concentrate only on the Olympic movements, snatch and Clean and Jerk. YThis class is geared toward working on skill  and technique and building in weight and volume. Any level OLY lifter is welcomed. You will be training at your own pace.

Personal Training

Personal training is an option for the person who doesn’t feel comfortable in a group or class. You an choose to work out with a trainer leading you through. You have a few options for pricing with this. It really depends on what you need or want. We offer single sessions or packages per month.

Private Group Training

We also offer private group training which is provided for those who may have a group of friends and want to keep it private. These sessions are run like a class, however they are closed off and only the personal group is allowed to train with their CrossFit Coach. Contact us for private group training fees.

Private Training Skill Sessions:

30 minute skill session with any of our coaches that are available on whatever you need a little help on: double unders, pull ups, mobility/flexibility…just to name a few.. take the time to hone in and perfect a certain movement.

Personal Programming

If classes aren’t for you, your training for something specific, or have a specific goal in mind, and you are familiar with the movements this may be a good option for you. Our coaches will put together an individualized program for you based on your goals and needs. You will be allowed to come in on your own and use the facility during open business hours.

**Your membership will continue to automatically withdrawal from your account each month unless you opt to cancel or suspend. We do not stop withdrawing unless YOU cancel or suspend in writing, two weeks prior to your next billing cycle.**