Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Stop by for a facility tour, take a free class during any scheduled class on Monday, Wednesday or Friday or sign up online. From there attending classes on Monday Wednesday and Friday will introduce you to the movements in just two short weeks. From there you will gain access to any and all classes on the schedule.

What are On Ramp classes?

On Ramp classes are intro classes where we teach you the basic movements of Crossfit. Once you complete all 6 classes, you are welcome to join the group classes.

Can I try a class for free before I start?

Yes. During any class time on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

How much does it cost to join?

You can visit our pricing on our membership page.

Why is CrossFit more expensive than a traditional gym?

Ever heard of “you get what you pay for”? Here you will get personalized training everyday, and you will see results. We’ve got you covered from nutrition to programming, we will be with you every step of the way. Whether you want lose weight, get fit or fitter, or just train to clear your mind and get some “me” time. Our coaches are very knowledgeable and prepared to help you with your goals whatever they may be. Plus you will be part of an amazing community. You’re family here.

What is the class structure like?

Classes start with a general warm-up, followed by movements that will prep you for what we are doing that day in class. After that we go over the plan for the day and answer any questions you may have. Then as a class we work through our Strength portion and finish off with Conditioning, or commonly known as the W.O.D. or “Workout Of the Day”

I can’t do those workouts, am I ready for CrossFit classes?

All workouts are scalable. You will only do what you feel comfortable doing in the beginning. Once you’re ready we’ll scale you up to progressively more challenging workouts.

Will I get big and bulky?

Only if you want to and put a lot of time and effort into it. Crossfit is designed to make you fit, lose body fat, increase muscle mass. You will be a better version of yourself.

How many times per week should I attend?

We recommend 3 times per week to start, but depending on how fast you want to see results you may want to turn up 5 times per week. 3 days on. 1 day off.

I’m visiting from another CrossFit Gym. Can I drop in?

Yes. Just email and give us a heads up.

Where is the class schedule?

Our schedule is located on our Class Schedule page.

Do I need to be fit to join Crossfit?

No. You will get fit here. All fitness levels are welcome.