Kathy-Jo Loewenberg

Prior to taking over CrossFit Science Park, Kathy was the Affiliate Manager over at CFM. She was in charge of all day to day operations, marketing/PR, events coordinator, and member services, just to name a few! With her knowledge of the business and her passion for CrossFit, it was the natural progression to move on and open her own little piece of heaven! She has a degree in Psychology and is a certified k-8 teacher. She played collegiate volleyball and coached H.S. volleyball as well.

My CrossFit story!

Prior to CrossFit, I was a teacher and very involved as a PTA and room mom! Chairing a 5K event at my daughters school, a friend of mine who had been coaching at CFM for a little while connected the owner and myself. He became my title sponsor for the event. After the event, he approached me and asked if I wanted to do some marketing and PR for CFM. I said no. In my mind I wasn’t a sales person. He convinced me to just try it out and then see what I think. I did the on ramp and was hooked!! I wasn’t going to be selling anything, I was going to talk non stop to everyone who would listen about his new thing called CrossFit that I was doing!! It became a passion, a part of life. I hadnt realized how much I missed being a pat of a team until I started CrossFit! Within the year, I stopped teaching and went to work full time at CFM. The rest as they say… is history!

Very excited to be here at CFSP!!! Excited to grow the community and continue to see lives become better, people become stronger, physically and more importantly, mentally, and spread my love of sport, health and fitness!!

Kathy is married to Dan and has two daughters, Kailey 17 and Mia 13. Both avid crossfitters themselves and honor students. Kailey also enjoys playing Volleyball, basketball and softball for her high school. Mia is a very talented soccer player and enjoys basketball and travel softball as well.