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Food… Fuel or Filler

Posted on 04-05-2017 by KJ in blog, cfsp nutrition

  In today’s society most of our socialization is based off and around food. Ladies night always involves dinner  and a few drinks, we spend holidays eating with family, when there is a house full of people, most tend to gravitate to the kitchen area, when a friend stops by you offer something to eat […]

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Holistic Series Part 3- Sarah J and Life’s Abundance

Posted on 04-04-2017 by KJ in cfsp nutrition

  Join us on Saturday, April 8th at 10:15 am when fellow CrossFitter Sarah McGovern (@simply.sarahj) shares information on how to add more nutrition to your diet to support your health & fitness goals. . Learn about protein supplements and how they aid in recovery, the importance of hydration, and how to fight inflammation – […]

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Wednesday Words by Amy Plano

Posted on 03-22-2017 by KJ in cfsp nutrition

    One of the most common questions I receive is, “How much protein do I really need?” Well, it depends. “What does it depend on?” Actually, it depends on a lot of factors above and beyond the nature of this blog post!  But for our purposes I am going to provide you with some […]

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