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Today’s Thoughts…

Posted on 03-21-2018 by KJ in CFM

First, she would kill me if she knew I posted this… sooo mums the word… Second I am posting this because I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!  This picture was taken 4 years ago after a workout called “death by burpee”. After it was done, Mia simply said… “yep I died” . They say a picture is […]

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Review and Happenings…

Posted on 03-19-2018 by KJ in CFM

This is a recap of last week:: Jon Jay- 1st ring MU’s!! Jeff P-  1st ring MU’s Daryll- PR’s his HSPU Leela- PR’d his deadlift for multiple reps.. Front squat PR”S!!!! Kate Anya Melissa Dana Charles Ian Andy Jen C Nicole Jon Jay Andrea Will Natalie Mark Lindsay Anthony Dan C Mehmed Dawn Khalid Nia […]

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St, Pattys Day Recipe

Posted on 03-15-2018 by KJ in CFM

What to do with that left over corned beef ???? We literally eat it once a year but I was looking up some interesting other meal ideas than the traditional corned beef and cabbage. Here’s one that caught my eye. Takes a while (if you make your own dough…) but looks good…who doesn’t love pizza… […]

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