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Hey… How are you?

Posted on 04-08-2020 by KJ in CFM

So this is getting old!! We are all feeling some sort of way with all that’s going on. I know personally I am going back and forth between wow loving the down time and spending extra time with the family to ok… jokes over… lets get back to normal. The stress we are all feeling […]

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Read ahead for CFSP’s Healthy Tip: 5 Ways to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in Your Home April 2, 2020 – By Mekaila Oaks

Posted on 04-03-2020 by KJ in CFM

With each week that goes by, things are drastically changing as we try to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. Most people are working from home, businesses are creating new ways to provide for their customers, and most states are issuing stay-at-home orders. So whether you’re living in Dallas or you’re living in Miami, you’ll […]

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Update April 2020

Posted on 04-01-2020 by KJ in CFM

Hi everyone, Hoping you all are doing well and are safe and healthy!! This is a long haul for all of us! We appreciate your continued support during this difficult time and absolutely can’t wait for the day when we can swing both doors open and WOD together again!!!!!! We are getting updates almost daily […]

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