Hey… How are you?

Posted on 04-08-2020 by KJ in CFM

So this is getting old!! We are all feeling some sort of way with all that’s going on. I know personally I am going back and forth between wow loving the down time and spending extra time with the family to ok… jokes over… lets get back to normal. The stress we are all feeling is real, as are the emotions and feelings that go along with that stress. Be patient with yourself and others, be kind, and remember this:

Right now you are 8 minutes into like a 20 minute WOD…your body is starting to slow down, your brain is telling you to stop, it hurts, and your not sure you can even finish.

BUT how many of those WODS did you actually NOT finish? ZERO. You have done them all to completion! You were and are mentally tougher than your body and that little doubting voice inside yourself will ever be.

Hang in there…. mentally remember…you got this! Always have and always will!

As always if you need help or any resources for help.. reach out to us anytime so we can help or send you in the right direction. Dan has your physical fitness covered each day live at 9:00am on Instagram and posted on all of our social media outlets, but we both know as much as moving helps, there is an emotional and mental aspect to all of this as well. Just as important to keep those in shape as your body!

Stay healthy!

We cant wait to see everyone again soon!!