Update April 2020

Posted on 04-01-2020 by KJ in CFM

Hi everyone,

Hoping you all are doing well and are safe and healthy!! This is a long haul for all of us! We appreciate your continued support during this difficult time and absolutely can’t wait for the day when we can swing both doors open and WOD together again!!!!!! We are getting updates almost daily but as of now it looks like May 1st ….fingers crossed will be opening day!!! That of course will depend on how the next two weeks goes. We are now at our apex moment. The next two weeks will be tough but hopefully we can all do our part to stay safe and keep others safe as well, minimize the spread and kick this virus’ ass!!!!! 
In the meantime…we are posting two WODS each day. One for those of you that have no equipment and for those of you who have minimal equipment. Use your imagination for adding weight! Some of your ideas so far have been awesome!! 
We are also going live at 9:00ish each day on instagram.. so feel free to grab a housemate, family member or four legged friend and join in on the fun!! We are live from the gym most days and some days from home. Keep moving and stay healthy! 
Keep sending us your pictures and videos doing the at home wods or any other fitness fun you may be having!!!!!… We miss your faces!! You can email to kathy@crossfitsciencepoark.com…text to 203 673-3055… or tag crossfitsciencepark on social media!

Stay safe!!