Posted on 03-10-2020 by KJ in CFM

First let me say that with every transformation the key is taking time.

There are certain transformations that you can expect to see if you put the time and effort into your work outs.

1. Expect to loose weight. BUT also expect to gain muscle. So there will be a transformation but DONT depend on the scale. How do your clothes fit.. whats your BMI?? What’s your measurements.. theses are all better indicators of transformation.

2. Energy. Exercise gives you more energy. Endorphins flow and give you a positive feeling giving you more energy and a better outlook.

3. Flexibility: Because of the wide range of things we do and aren’t centric to any one movement, flexibility increases.

4. Balance. Improved balance is another plus!

5.Speed will increase. Faster, quicker, stronger. its what we aim for.

6. Confidence will increase. Its empowering to lift weights. Its exciting and boost confidence when you do things today you couldn’t do yesterday. But understand YOU are the reason why, not your coach, not the people around you. Your coach and community are there to support and guide you BUT you are the reason YOU see change. Give yourself the credit you deserve!!

7. Patience. YES!!You will gain patience. CrossFit is a lesson in patience and in the world of instant gratification we live in, this can be one of the most difficult lessons we learn.

8. Endurance. Increased ability to do more for an increasingly sustained period of time.

9. Mentally you will change. This kind of goes along with the confidence you will acquire. BUT I have seen too many people take this to an extreme. Stay humble but confident. Mentally you will become tougher, but don’t replace that for empathy, concern, and kindness.

10. Cardio. Your cardio will get better!!! Promise!!