Posted on 02-24-2020 by KJ in CFM

You are only as strong as your foundation. Without a strong foundation, anything you put on top has the potential to fall and fail. This is something we can all work on, the foundation, or fundamentals. This can be applied in the gym or in life in general. Building a strong foundation is the basis for everything that comes after!! We are all excited to hit that next weight or have that next PR or try new tricks, but as you go up in weight and start doing more complex movements, your form and technique, your foundation needs to be strong. Without a strong foundation and doing things correctly, you wont move forward.

How do you achieve a strong foundation? By actively practicing each and every chance you get, by being honest with yourself and others around you, by taking the extra few minutes to make sure your set up for success, not failure.

There grass only grows again in spring because during the cold months of winter the earth and its foundation is strong. The grass only has a new beginning because of a solid steadfast past.