Transformation Tuesday

Posted on 02-18-2020 by KJ in CFM

Transformations are as unique as the individuals going through them. Many transformations, you cant even see with your eyes because they are internal. This week I wanted to highlight Kelly. Kelly is a runner at heart. That is her passion and what drives her. BUT her awesome friend worked on Kelly for a long time trying to get her to come here to try CFSP! Kelly came to a few Saturday classes… then a couple more… then bought a few classes but wasn’t committing to anything…. to now having a membership!

She is killing it! When she started she hop skipped up on a plate…not anymore.. she is two feet jumping on a big box!! She is consistently trying to go higher in weights. She works so hard on the days she is here and is making great strides physically and I think she may even actually like CF now!

Great Job Kelly! Keep up the great work!!