Double Unders

Posted on 02-05-2020 by KJ in CFM


1. Right rope length

2.Keep feet closer than waist width.

3. Stay on toes.

4. Jump correct height.

5. Controlled rope spin.

6. Arms by side. Rotation is in the wrist not arms.


1. Singles

2. Jump (no rope) get timing down… you can use your hand on your thigh to keep rhythm

3. 1 DU

4. 1 DU ….singles…..

5. 1DU……1 du

Keep singles the same each time until you get that pattern consistent and then as you can, cut back singles in between back.

Practice, practice, practice…. during a WOD isn’t the time to get practice in. Before or after class/at home… practice and practice and some more!!