Posted on 02-03-2020 by KJ in CFM

Today I will find focus, structure, balance, and predictability in at least one hour of my day.

As I approach the barbell, like I have 1000’s of times before over the past 10 years, I will set up, wrap my hands around the bar, take a deep breath, and pull. The same way I have practiced, experimented with and mostly refined over the past decade. Always room for improvement but I am comfortable under the weight, have confidence I know what I should be doing, and what being 47 vs 27 has taught me, is that the most important part of all of this, is to be in the moment.

Speaking to another mom today at the gym really made me think about how much I truly love and appreciate being here at CFSP, and taking my hour.

Lifting weights, especially heavy weights for a long time brought up the visual of a big sweaty guy grunting and pumping iron in some global gym. Not any more. CrossFit is all inclusive. It is for everyone, at any fitness level, period. Men, women, kids, older, younger, doesn’t matter, we are all here to be healthier and give ourselves a fighting chance mentally and physically against all that life throws at us. We all doubt ourselves. We all question our worth, our performance, in our work and in our personal lives. We all make mistakes and have regrets. These can, at times, consume you.

Besides the physical advantages to lifting weights and WODing, there is a biochemical response that our bodies react with as well. Our feel goods triggers: endorphins like serotonin and norepinephrin come alive and jump through our body and brain causing pleasure even among the pain. THIS is why we do what we do. Exercise helps fight depression and anxiety….stressors in our daily life…we fight back, by lifting weights, doing a wod…. using and moving our bodies. We fight back because we can, because we will, because we need to.

It feels good. It makes us, even for that one hour, forget about what’s going on out there. Our sole focus is on the task at hand, right in front of us. We are present. One rep at a time. We are focused.

Take your hour. Own it, love it, and never let the voices in your head or that surround us each day take it from you. One day at a time. This hour is the one thing that we can all count on.

I’ll see you at the bar…..