Member Share…

Posted on 10-30-2018 by KJ in CFM

Dawn Moretti
I get asked often “why Crossfit” or “why Crossfit Science Park”? Well here is why….
A few years ago I started having problems with my back. I was in constant pain. I saw my doctor and she put me on pain meds and muscle relaxers. This went on for a while and my back got worse. So, I started going to physical therapy. That helped a lot. 
But-the bottom line was I needed to lose weight and get in shape!
I have known Kathy-jo for many years and I knew she was involved in Crossfit. I knew she and Dan had their own gym.  The idea of Crossfit always scared me. The things I saw on TV and social media made Crossfit look hard-and out of my reach. Especially since I was totally out of shape and overweight-how would I ever be able to do it? I couldn’t make it in a regular gym, how would I manage at Crossfit?
Well, the hardest thing I have ever done was walk through the doors of Crossfit Science Park and put my trust in Dan. I remember that very first workout. I look back now and I realize how much Dan modified so I could do what I did. It was hard. Having to use the wall to stand back up hard. But, Dan encouraged me and was very positive. He never got upset because I struggled with something and just kept reminding me to keep moving. I gave Dan and my PT permission to speak to one another so Dan could modify things for me appropriately. And soon, I didn’t need physical therapy anymore. 
It was a struggle and hard work but it worked!  Dan modified modified  modified and I learned. When it was time to push, we pushed. His patience and kindness made all the difference. 
It isn’t just the weight loss. That could have happened any number of ways. It was pushing, challenging myself to do things I had never done. All the while having someone teaching and supporting me. 
It is setting goals for myself that I know I will achieve because I have a great coach and lots of support behind me.
It is a member paired with me on a Saturday grabbing my hand and helping to push me along in a run. It is another member encouraging me to add more weight on a bar for a lift. It is members cheering each other’s accomplishments and being supportive as we all learn and grow.
This gym and the members and especially Dan have made a huge impact on my life. I am doing things inside and outside the gym I never thought I would. I am physically and mentally a much different person than I was. 
So, why Crossfit? Because it works. The programming of strength training paired with conditioning-works! Why Crossfit Science Park? Because I trust Dan and I love the community and support we all give each other.