Testimonial Tuesday

Posted on 10-09-2018 by KJ in CFM

We value feedback and our members opinions. We do what we do because we want to help others and because we know how CF has changed or lives for the better! This truly is a way of life for us and is so much a part of our every day, and has had such a positive impact on our family, we couldn’t help but want to share that with as many people as we can!! Our mission is and always will be to provide a safe environment in which our members can grow: physically, mentally, as individuals, as a community,  and have fun while getting fit. Your well-being is our business, so we appreciate the feedback so we can serve you better.


I travel for work a lot and have dropped in at dozens of Crossfit boxes.  CFSP stands out from the crowd for its excellent coaching and its caring community.  Dan Loewenberg pays close attention to every individual in his classes and gives insightful cues that chip away at weakness and immobility.  Rarely do I find a gym where athletes clean up equipment after each other.  People who are stringing together ring muscle ups will be cheering on or joining together in partner WODs with people who are scaling to ring rows.  Teenagers, AARP members and every age in between are somehow able to push each other.  Because of CFSP, I for the first time in almost 60 years can climb a rope and kick up into a handstand against the wall.  Coming to classes is a highlight of my week.

Ian Ayres

Townsend Professor, Yale Law School