Posted on 05-07-2018 by KJ in CFM

The Gauntlet was fun!! Hard for some of us….. well me!! But I’m proud of myself, and for the others who stepped out of their comfort zone with me, for doing it and the obstacles!! Haven’t jumped over or into anything in a while!! Thank god no one had their cameras!! There is another one in October… so you have plenty of time to clear your calendars and join us!!!! We need to represent and not let those other CrossFits beat us again!!! Its about pride people!! And  Kailey Loewenberg placed 2nd in her division 13-19 year old young ladies! 

Don’t forget MOTHERS day is this Sunday!! May 13th!!

CFSP has made it into the TOP 5 of New Haven Readers Best poll!!  They are having a party for all of the finalists on May 12th 7-11:00pm at :

Vanity Restaurant, Nightclub and Entertainment Venue

144 Temple St
New Haven, CT 06510
(475) 224-2072
If youd like to join us.. its $35 per person… food, open bar, music, DJ, amd award ceremony.
Saturday May 12th– Running clinic… please sign up at the front desk or email me  so Dan has an idea of how many people will  be coming..


Regionals: May 18-20th. CrossFit Regionals are held in Albany New York. # days of CrossFit competition, loads of food and vendors.. and lots of fun. We will be running a modified schedule that weekend. Look for details the beginning of next week. If anyone is interested in coming up we can coordinate seating and hotel and dinner etc..

Memorial Day Murph- Monday May 28th 10:00am. We will also be running a modified schedule that weekend too. Look for details early next week.