Celebrate the Small stuff….

Posted on 04-18-2018 by KJ in CFM

I picked this picture cause she has done all the little things over the past few years; lifted in the off season, first to practice, running on and off the field, that have secured her a starting position. She took the process seriously and understood its the day to day little things that add up!

Success can have a beginning and an end, but it’s the middle, the process, the little things and details we tend to overlook, that are the real story!!

As inspirational as the before and after pictures are…. the real picture is that athlete getting up at 5:30am on a snowy cold winter day to drag her/ himself to the gym. Day in and day out. That should be your inspiration. The after pictures didn’t come overnight or without dedication and work!

There will come a time in your journey where you will slow down progress or even stay stagnate for a little while. This is part of your process. It happens to everyone! Your success comes from still working despite and through the hump! Most of you on a true fitness journey have a lot to change in the beginning, and that change comes quick. When you go, for instance,  from not moving to moving 3-4 days a week and you cut out all sugar, your body will respond quickly and you will see results quickly. Eventually your body comes out of  shock and settles in to the new routine. THIS my friends is when the real work and rewards start!! That beginning, like in a marriage, is the honeymoon stage. After a while your body settles in. The adrenaline  slows down, you come off that initial high, and the real work begins.

Keep the faith, stay the path, and trust the process!!  And when that fails… look back at how far you have come!

Celebrate the little day to day victories!! Eventually they add up and are all a part of your final destination.