CFSP Week in Review

Posted on 04-06-2018 by KJ in CFM




Its been a busy week at CFSP!

Last Saturday we held a gymnastics clinic. Coach focused on two areas. Kipping pull up progressions and Hand Stand progressions. Incorporated into this weeks programming as well, to give everyone some good practice at these skills!

Last night we had our second week of YOGA class at CFSP. If you or anyone you know would be interested, its a great class, by itself or as a compliment to CFSP. We will be adding a weekend class in May as well. Pricing is $40 per month for members and $80 per month for non- members.

This is the last week for our Challenge group! Those that stuck with the programĀ  have had some amazing results!! Look for their before and afters being posted. We will be having our last meeting tomorrow. Its been a quick 6 weeks!!

You may see some new faces this week. We have some new members that have started with us this week!! Welcome to the family!! We have an awesome community filled with great people doing amazing things!!! If you see a new face introduce yourself!


We have pre-order going in for wrist wraps and gymnastic grips if anyone is interested.

The most you will pay is: $19 for the wrist wraps and 11.00 for the grips, plus tax…

We will also be doing another pre-order for t-shirts and sweatshirts! Look for those proofs coming soon!

Have a great weekend!