The Ritual of Weightlifting

Posted on 04-03-2018 by KJ in CFM




“Lifting weights gave me a break from fear and anxiety, instilling a sense power and strength instead.”

We have heard many discussions lately about mental health.¬† Anxiety and depression can be debilitating. I suspect that at some point in everyone’s life we have all been¬† touched with some type of generalized anxiety disorder. It can sneak up on you and last a few hours, days, months, even years.

This is a good article about the benefit of lifting to help with depression and anxiety. Our brain chemistry actually changes when you work out and lift weights! We let our endorphins out!! Endorphins are our happy, feel good parts!! Not that lifting alone will “cure” you, depression and anxiety are very complex things, which do usually need a combination of coping mechanisms but lifting will add another tool in your tool box.

The article touches on three important aspects that should be pat of the lifting ritual:

  1. Check yourself.. set an intention. Take a few minutes before class to just check in with yourself. How are you feeling going into today’s workout. Tired, ready to go, anxious…. mentally note your feelings
  2. JOURNAL!!! I preach this all the time!! Include feelings… ask our challenge group…even if its an emoji.. something, a few words.. Your journal is not only a great way to track your progress, which is great for when your feeling down, you can reflect back and see how far you have come, but will give you a road map of your feelings and performance!
  3. Find your tribe… Hopefully you have being at CFSP!!! We have your back, we want you to be a little better every day, and to be the best you, you can be… mentally and physically!!!

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