Try Something New….

Posted on 03-28-2018 by KJ in CFM

good article!!!

“During every fitness challenge (and, really, life challenges in general), there are moments when you could either play it safe, or push yourself out of your comfort zone. You know, like when you’re given the option of either regular push-ups or plyo push-ups, running with the 10-minute-mile pace group or the 9:30-minute-mile pace group, or hiking the steep route to the top of the mountain or taking the flat valley trail. Life is constantly giving you “out” options—opportunities to take the easy road. But how often do you come away from the safe road feeling like a total boss? The answer: never. When’s the last time you came away from trying a new (and difficult) skill and didn’t feel like an all-around better human for it? Never. Progress comes from pushing your limits—and I wasn’t going to let a bruised body (and ego) stop me from making the most of my mountain bike 101 experience.”`

“So go ahead—do something that scares you. You’ll probably suck at it at first, and being a beginner at anything is hard AF. But the rush of learning a new skill (and even effing it up big-time) is always going to feel better than not trying it at all. At the very least, you get a great story out of it—and learn how to ACE bandage a knee”

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