Today’s Thoughts…

Posted on 03-21-2018 by KJ in CFM

First, she would kill me if she knew I posted this… sooo mums the word…

Second I am posting this because I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!  This picture was taken 4 years ago after a workout called “death by burpee”. After it was done, Mia simply said… “yep I died” . They say a picture is worth a 1000 words….. this pic says it all. She clearly gave it her all. She was 9. She would be here everyday if it was feasible. She feels and looks like this after a workout, and still comes back to fight another day.  I wish I had her resolve.

I read an article the other day titled The Worst Things Parents Ever Said To Their Kids. One of the snip its was from a boy who was 100 percent all about basketball. Played all day and night, lived it. He was 11. He wanted to be a NBA star when he grew up. He was short. His dad sat him down one night and basically told him he would never be in the NBA and to stop wasting his time. He was to short, and not good enough. He  pleaded that he would work at it harder every day and then named all of the shorter NBA stars that “made it”.  He went to his room and cried. He was crushed and confused and never even made the highschool team.

Mia wants to be an USA women’s soccer player. She has asked me if I think she will be good enough. My answer is almost always the same. You have to really really want it, and you have to put in the work. And by work I mean, be first on the field, be last to leave, because if you are on time you are late. Get stronger, eat well. Everything you do has to be with your goal in mind. Now, maybe she will, and maybe she wont, but that’s not for me to determine or say. None of us knows our true potential. And at some point she will figure out if she is “good” enough or not without me telling her one way or another. And yes we are always, always one of, if not the first on the field. I should have told her that when she could drive herself!!

The point is I would never say she isn’t good enough because I never want her to stop trying, because even if she doesn’t play soccer past even highschool, she will be a better person because of all of the work she has put in along the way. She will be stronger for life, mentally better prepared. She will know what hard work and being part of a team and community is. She will have years of seeing adults, both men and women (so important), working hard to be better. She will have learned the value of shaking hands and being early, of setting up and cleaning up, despite being one of the better players. She will learn time management, about healthy food choices, and hopefully keep a healthy body image. She will appreciate strength! She will know how important sleep is to performance the next day (she puts herself to bed at 8:00pm!).  She will have experienced failure and loss. So who knows where she will end up in her soccer career, but CrosFit and sports has taught her so much more….

Keep up the good fight….. keep showing up… one day turns into two, turns into a week, turns into year…you got this!