January Member of the Month

Posted on 02-06-2018 by KJ in CFM


Meet Jeff, our Jan 2018 Golden Kettlebell Winner, member of the month!!

Jeff started with us a year ago, about the same time we took over CFSP! He has consistently come to class and has made tremendous improvement in mobility, flexibility, and with the barbell movements. Box jumps, not so much!! lol   Great attitude and always works hard!!

1.  How Long have you been CrossFitting?
I started doing CrossFit in January 2017

2. How long have you been a member of CFSP?
I joined CFSP in January 2017

3. What made you walk through the door?.
I have always been an active person, but in recent years I had focused almost entirely on road cycling.  Despitebeing aerobically fit, I knew I was inflexible and not particularly strong. My office is nearby so I thought I shouldat least give CFSP a try to jump start my cycling season during the off season and gain some core strength andmaybe loose a few extra LBS as a bonus.

4. Whats your motivation.. whats your why for continuing this journey?
My motivation is the sensational feeling I have every day after a workout.  I feel tired for sure, but I also feel energized, strong and limber.

5. What does your diet look like?
Tom Brady’s, but with more bacon. Just kidding.
I eat a lot of eggs for breakfast most days. For lunch, I generally eat a salad with a protein like chicken.  Dinner is typically vegetables, black beans, and sometimes pasta.  My wife is a vegetarian, so it’s rare we have meat for dinner.

6. What is your favorite movement or work out?
I enjoy the workouts that are more geared towards stamina like the erg, burpees, wall balls and ball slams. Then again I do enjoy the barbell and the challenge of perfecting my cleans and snatches.

7. What is your least favorite movement or work out?
Turkish get ups. No question.

8.  Goals??  3 months, 6 months, one year from now?
I just want to improve in everything we do: the movements I’m good at and the movements I’m not so good at. It’s satisfying doing things I never thought I could do even in my early twenties.  I use crossfit to be able to do other things well, like play hockey, bike, and do triathlons, so it’s nice to use the strength and flexibility I have obtained to improve as an athlete and feel younger.

9. Tell us about Jeff, outside the box?
I am an attorney. I coach hockey and soccer. (Go Jr Bulldogs Squirt A1!). I chase around my girls: Claire (9)and Lane (6) and do fun things with my wife Megan like travel and hike and lay on the beach!

10. One piece of advice you would tell a newbie?
In only a few weeks you’ll stop feeling so sore and begin to see massive amounts of improvement! I didn’t
realize what a great and supportive environment CFSP would be, so embrace it!