Holistic Seminar #1- Goals 1/13 and 1/17

Posted on 12-28-2017 by KJ in CFM


With the new year fast approaching, I am hearing a lot about goals and New Year resolutions. Lets be honest most new years resolutions end up unresolved and forgotten about by mid February.  10 months later they creep back up on our radar, and we feel guilty because we just wasted the last 12 months. Why is this? Why do so many people fail at keeping their resolutions? Why do we tend to bring them up year after year?? The answer: most people don’t understand how to make and follow through with a goal, and the common core principles that need to be in place for success. These can be applied in all facets of your life!

I am super excited to kick off the new year with a presentation on goals. We will be running two sessions, and  this one is free for everyone. The content will be the same in both sessions, we just wanted as many people to come as possible. 

I was in a room full of professionals at a training seminar for an insurance group. Executives  from the head office were there, managing partners, field agents, all the way down to me…still looking to pass the test!  Keep this in mind.

The seminar will go over two types of growth: incremental vs quantum.

It will address some common core principles that will lead you to success, and finally we will be going over the 10-3-1 goal setting system. 

There will be a lot of good information given. We will then actually be going through the 10-3-1 process. The hope is that you will leave with a better understanding of goal setting, and letting go of your guilt if a goal isn’t reached!!  It will let you see clearly your priorities, and allow you to re-prioritize, and reevaluate as time goes on. 

Please sign up at the front desk if you plan on attending so I know how how much material I need to bring with me.