New Year, New You, New Journal!!

Posted on 12-20-2017 by KJ in CFM


The number one gift you should be buying yourself this year is a journal!!!

As the year comes to an end, take some time to reflect on what was, what is,  and  about what you want to  be.

I say buy a journal because our perception of reality isn’t always the truth. Journaling allows you to look back and reflect on what actually was. It allows you to see changes and how far you have come. It allows you to see your patterns! I am not just talking about in the gym either.

We tend to form patterns. We tend to stay in those patterns. But do you even know your patterns????

Are they leading you toward success; in the gym, in your relationship, at work, or are they leading you away?

What is your definition of success even??

Here is a good article about some of the patterns the most highly successful people possess.

Journaling will allow you to see where you are strong in your quest for success, and where you may be falling short.

I am super excited about introducing the 10-3-1 goal methodology to CFSP next month. This will be another  great tool to help you reach your successes.