DXA and RMR Analysis

Posted on 12-06-2017 by KJ in CFM

Over the past month or so I have taken two tests that I think are going to really help me reach my goals going into the new year.

Knowledge is power. We cant work with what we don’t know.  Your numbers give you great incite into how your body reacts to food, exercise, and stress. Knowing these can help tailor your daily lifestyle so you are feeling your best, recover better after workouts, and reach some of the goals you looking to hit.  As bad as my numbers are…its good to know. Have to start somewhere.

DXA Scan- Body composition Analysis:  This is an accurate,simple, and powerful tool. It will tell you exact numbers for fat, muscle, and bone for your complete body. You will get a 6 page report with information that will help you pinpoint your trouble spots, and your physiological response to diet and exercise. You will also get information on your bone health and your risk for osteoporosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. You will be able to see your fat to muscle ratio and where your fat tends to settle. It will measure % of fat in arm, trunk, android (belly fat), gynoid (hips/thighs). You will get thermal image of the distribution. You will measure your total bone density. You will learn your viseral fat (fat around the organs) vs. Subcutaneous (under skin) fat.  All of these numbers will help you to form a goal and a plan. Loose weight, gain muscle, or maintain. I now know how much I weight I can safely loose, the areas I need to work on, and where my body fat is distributed. I also learned that my bone mineral density is above normal!! woo hoo… the only gold star on my report! lol.. its a starting point and good to know these numbers. The test itself involves you laying on a table quiet and still for about 10 minutes… who doesn’t want a little power nap!

RMR- Resting Metabolic Rate

I have no metabolism. I have been saying it for years, and now it is scientifically proven. lol…I also have no excuse to not do anything about it now. The RMR test shows you how to personalize your diet and training plan, improve your overall health, and reveal changes, and troubleshoot plateaus. Your weight loss, muscle gain, or maintenance can be built around your metabolic state.  You will have the knowledge of what you need to take in (calories) and put out each day depending on your goal. It breaks it down to how many calories you burn just sitting, doing your daily routine, and then if you add exercise(30 minutes) for the day. The test itself is an easy 10 minutes. Your nose is clamped and you are breathing in and out of a tube that registers your oxygen input and output.

They also do VO2 testing and blood work. We will be setting up a group rate with Live Lean in Milford. If anyone is interested in getting more information, I’d be glad to share..

Next up Dan and I are going to get a full blood work up done. Interested on seeing those numbers… I’ll let you know how those go too.

They also do IV recovery and preventive treatments. For instance if you run a marathon or do a tough mudder.. they have a IV solution that will help you recover better. If you travel a lot, they have a immunity boost IV treatment.  Apparently this is a newer trend that is seeing fantastic results. I have been doing some research on it as well. I never knew this was even an option.

Have any questions, let me know.

CFSP Get Fit Challenge will begin January 20th!!