Stress and Worry and Superpowers!!

Posted on 11-29-2017 by KJ in CFM

I am is still a work in progress, and have a long way to go but I am better at being able to sit with things, not think to far ahead, and not be so anxious.  I am just starting to take control. It takes work and discipline to be present in your life. Perhaps you go through the motions at work or aren’t present with your spouse, children or friends when they need you to listen. Or like me, you get caught up worrying about things that happened in the past or haven’t even happened yet. The pattern of over thinking and worry robs us from experiencing the present and truly living. I remember when my then 11 year old realized this and I had to explain myself, admit really, that going through the motions was something I did, a lot. She asked me a question… I said ya.. she asked me another, I said ya… and then she asked me a third, and I said ya. She must have sensed my aloofness because the third question was something I would have never said yes to. I immediately got the “I knew you weren’t listening to me I asked such and such and you said yes!”  I was embarrassed and sad and then had to apologize and then try to explain. I am not going to get the mommy of the year award…..ever! There are times when I am tired! Done with the day, stressed, or thinking about lots of things, and yes I am going through the motions. However I will try and be more present and hear you whenever you are talking to me.

And I really have tried to make the effort to be more present. I try not to think to far ahead, and I try to really focus, especially when I am talking or watching or just with the girls. I am listening more. Experiences, big and small deserve our undivided attention, or we may miss them. Have you ever driven some where and forgot the drive? Like asked yourself how did I get here? I don’t really remember the drive? Its like we are on auto pilot. Don’t be on autopilot!!  Walking through life with your head down thinking of anything else except whats in front of you, robs you of the sites, smells and sounds that surround you in that moment. Worry and stress can rob you. The phone has been put away more often. We play board games. We talk about our day. I look around more. I notice things, I am more aware of my feelings as well as my surroundings. I feel more in tune with whats going on around me.

I think I have also learned that some how it all gets done, some how, some way, it all gets done. That’s our super power, especially as moms! I am biased I know.  We worry and make lists and wonder what if, yet when the worst case scenario happens, we deal. We always pick up the pieces and carry on. Our super power is that we get it done, all of it! It may not be perfect or in a specific time frame but we do. We juggle and we move and we plan and we wear a 1,000 different hats a day! So why  worry?? It has no place, there really is no room left to worry. That space would be much better filled with something else!

So worry less, be present more, and rock on with your Super Power!! You got this… no need to stress!!